A free dinner literally flew in Ryan Adams’ kitchen. Unfortunately, trouble with the law followed.

Adams, a wild game aficionado, prepared a white-winged dove that broke its neck flying into the exterior of his Pflugerville, Texas home last week.

“This is the same bird that hunter’s pay just buckets of money to go out and shoot,” Adams told KRLD. “They take their time… and I just got one for free?”

He chronicled the meal and its preparation on his blog. News of his dinner spread across the Internet, eventually making its way to Texas Parks & Wildlife where the post wasn’t very well received. Texas Parks and Wildlife spokesman Steven Lightfoot explained the agency’s stance to several media outlets.

“It is illegal to possess any wildlife resource that has not been taken legally,” Lightfoot said. “By legal I mean there are certain means and methods… you have to have a hunting license and you have to have the appropriate weapon and ammunition.”

Lightfoot added that if Ryan didn’t take the dove legally, he could be subject to investigation by a Texas Game Warden. When that information hit the Internet, the view against such action flooded forums and comment sections. Whether this negative attention had anything to do with TP&W stating Friday that the agency would not be investigating Adams and his free meal is unknown.

My guess is that it did. What’s your stance? Should Adams have faced a fine, or is what he did justified? Comment below!