A Georgia hunter killed this 14-point buck Friday morning in South Lee County, reports WALB. Michael Spurlin spotted the trophy buck when it wandered into a food plot to join a grazing doe.

“All I could see was the silhouette of his rack coming through the pine trees,” Spurlin told WALB. “I didn’t know how big he was. I just knew I needed to get my gun up and get ready for the shot. He stepped out. I didn’t look at his rack through the scope. Just concentrated on making a good shot.”

The gross score measured 183 1/2, and the net score checked in at 172 inches. If the score holds up through the 60-day drying period, Spurlin will have a new Lee County record. The current county record for a typical whitetail is 170 5/8, taken by Stan Steiner in 1991. The buck weighed 200 pounds, and experts aged him at 6.5 years.

Spurlin harvested his buck in Lee County, just one county over from Worth, Ga. where a massive non-typical was taken in October. If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll see more big bucks out of south Georgia this season.