Theodore Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Barack Obama are now guppies. Or darter fish rather.

Five newly identified species of darter fish from Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Kansas and Oklahoma have been named after four U.S. presidents and a vice president.

An article in the Bulletin of the Alabama Museum of Natural History authored by Prof Richard Mayden of the Saint Louis University’s Department of Biology and Dr Steven Layman of Geosyntec Consultants describe the species and explain that they are named for the presidents’ and vice president’s work in conservation and environmental protection.

Despite the fishes’ presidential and vice presidential monikers, they will probably be referred to by their more common names of the Highland darter (Etheostoma teddyroosevelt), the Bluegrass darter (Etheostoma jimmycarter), the Beaded darter (Etheostoma clinton), the Cumberland darter (Etheostoma gore) and the Spangled darter (Etheostoma obama).

All of the newly named species belong to Etheostoma, a genus of small – most under 5 inches – freshwater fish in the family Percidae known for beautiful color patterns.

What do you think of these newly-discovered colorful fish? Who would you have named them after?

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