To say that Jeff Hunt and a friend got screwed on a Spokane bear hunt they purchased off eBay would be an understatement.

The two hunters from Modesto, California purchased the $1,000 Washington bear hunt from facilitator Sean Siegel who was supposedly very clear about what he was promising. Unfortunately what he promised and what he delivered were two very different things.

“I have it in writing,” Jeff explained to the Spokesman-Review about his being told he’d be placed in a treestand. “But he sets us up in a ground blind. I’m glassing through the trees at daylight and I see lady doing dishes through her kitchen window. There’s a road right there. Another house. A school bus. I have a .300 Win. Mag and I’m afraid to shoot the thing.”

To further make matters worse Sean Siegel later sent the hunters to timber company land on Mica Peak without telling them they would be required to possess an Inland Empire Paper Company access permit. When Jeff and his friend were caught on the property by a security guard, they were quickly kicked off and the Fish and Wildlife police were called.

But things took a turn for the better when Jeff and his buddy went back into town.

“We went to a restaurant, and we’re all pissed off about getting ripped off by this hunting guide, and somebody we don’t know from Adam hears us and offers to take us hunting,” Jeff said.

“The next morning he drives us all the way north near the Canada border and we saw several bears. We didn’t shoot one, but at least we saw some. The best part of our hunting experience was through a guy who wouldn’t take a dime for what he did for us.”

It’s always good to hear that’s there’s someone out there doing the right thing.