No one will ever put Lorenzo Maggiore’s name on any list of great gun makers, but, with tongue planted firmly in cheek, I’m about to do some lobbying. Maggiore’s creation? The Bug-a-Salt insect shotgun, which just may the greatest stocking stuffer to come along since the Chia Pet.

Although Outdoor Life Shooting Editor John Snow has yet to perform any ballistic testing on this beauty, I can report that the Bug-a-Salt works precisely as advertised and is capable of terminating the existence of most any fly, bug or other insect that you used to whack with your camo hat.

As its name might indicate, the Bug-a-Salt fires deadly rounds of ordinary table salt–a pinch per shot with a 50-round capacity. My test weapon was dead on at 3 feet, instantly knocking an ordinary house fly on its butt. I’ve yet to perform any serious pattern testing at longer ranges. For now, it’ll work just fine.

I hope that my paper-wasp plagued daughter (her room up at college seems besieged by them) doesn’t see this blog cause I’ve just finished my Christmas shopping.

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