An unidentified idiot was videotaped “riding” a sperm whale off Pompanio Beach, Florida on Sunday.

The whale was reportedly fighting the rip current at the time of the incident. It died shortly thereafter from an unknown cause. Witnesses say one, possibly two individuals, repeatedly climbed atop the dying whale in an effort to “ride” it.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s southeast regional coordinator Blair Mase told NBC Miami that the whale was obviously sick at the time of the idiot rodeo. “This whale was likely ill or injured and that is why it came in so close to shore,” Mase said. “This type of harassment could have caused more harm and added stress to an already stressed whale and ultimately caused its demise.”

Despite the fact that riding or harassing a sperm whale, or any other marine mammal, is against federal law, there is no plan to track down the individual or individuals who rode the whale. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Officer Jorge Pino told NBC that the decision to pursue criminal charges ultimately rests with NOAA. “The only way that we would get involved in that is if NOAA asks us to assist in a criminal investigation,” he said.

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