A bar in East London is in quite a bit of trouble – and has garnished quite a bit of publicity – for serving a drink flavored with whale meat. Take a moment to allow that to sink in … the idea of the drink, not the actual drink itself.

Police raided the Nightjar bar on December 3 after being tipped off in mid-October that the popular pub which bills itself as “a hidden slice of old-school glamour” was serving a drink called the Moby Dick that was advertised as containing “whale skin infusion.” While the species of whale the skin came from is unknown, the other ingredients in the $27 drink were Laphroaig whisky, Drambuie, ale, and bitters.

Nightjar director Edmund Weil told The Sun newspaper that the “whale skin infusion” was actually a bottle of scotch that contained single 2 x 5cm strip of dried whale skin. “The strip was purchased in a shop by an employee while on a trip to Japan in autumn 2011,” Weil explained.

“Until the police visit, neither ourselves nor our employees were aware of the legislation under which the bottle was seized. In hindsight we realize that regardless of the legal framework around such products, it was an error of judgment on our part to include this on our menu, and we would like to offer our apologies to anyone who may have been offended by it.”

It’s a good bet that folks in Greenland and Denmark wouldn’t be offended by the drink as these two countries are the only in Europe where whale meat and products are not illegal.

I’d be interested to know what a “Moby Dick” tastes like. What do you think?