A New Hampshire deer hunter is recovering from a pierced abdomen after the deer he shot charged and gored him.

Everett Gray, 54, of Cornish, New Hampshire shot the eight point whitetail near his home last Thursday. When Everett approached the deer to finish the kill with a knife, the buck lunged forward catching the hunter in the gut and lifting him off the ground.

The enraged deer then slammed the hapless hunter to the ground and, with his antler still impaled, pushed Everett several feet down a slope. Somehow Everett managed to free himself from the antler point and seek help.

Everett’s brother and friends strung the now dead deer in Everett’s garage while he received treatment at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

This story reminds me of my first African safari when my PH Eric Sorour told me, “The problem with you American hunters is that you shoot an animal and then rush over to look at it without insuring that it’s dead. Shoot it then shoot again until you’re certain it’s dead.”

While this advice was given in regards to African game, the latter part certainly applies to whitetail hunters.

Don’t approach an animal until you’re certain it’s dead.