Waen Wen Fishery owner Brian Dodson is goody well buggered by the bloody otters that devoured his 22,000 prized carp. So much in fact that he’s suing the British Environment Agency for more than $3,000,000 USD stating that they encouraged the menacing otters to breed near his farm.

Dodson, 60, claims the EA illegally built otter “holts,” or burrows, on the River Cegin less than two miles from his farm. This act basically put hungry otters on Brian’s front door step.

“I view what has gone on as unlawful – the agency has been putting in otter holts totally without authority throughout the country,” Dodson told the BBC.

Dodson and his legal team believe the agency breached the Environment Act of 1995 by not informing landowners that it was encouraging otters to live near his property. He explained to the court that the EA’s not doing so allowed the otters to devour his livelihood, thus leaving him destitute and living on the government dole. Had the EA informed him of their otter plan he could have built protective fencing around the property.

Dodson’s not the only fish farmer that’s been ottered out. Many fish farm owners are watching the trail to see what, if any, action comes of it.

The EA, of course, is denying any wrong doing.