The Robertson family of Duck Dynasty turned the proverbial other cheek to 1980s Smith’s frontman Morrissey on Jimmy Kimmel Live by saying they had no problem with the singer, his displeasure for hunters and meat eaters, or vegans in general. This, of course, after the always-melancholy singer canceled his appearance on the show citing that he couldn’t risk being seen with the Robertson family as they are “animal serial killers.”

Animal serial killers?

I’m not even sure I know what that means (actually, grammatically speaking I think it means a group of animals that are serial killers).

Regardless, of what Morrissey meant, Phil Robertson didn’t particularly care. In fact he wasn’t sure who Morrissey was at all. “Whoever the guy was, I don’t mind. If he wants to eat vegetables, no problem,” Phil said, according to “We don’t care. We don’t mind if someone says ‘y’all eat ducks.’ We’re like ‘uh, yeah!'”

Jimmy Kimmel poked fun of Morrissey’s stance when he showed a promo for Duck Dynasty’s Carrot Call.