It’s not much of surprise that wolf hunting, hunting with hounds, and bear hunting have all been protested against in one way or another in the last year. But squirrel hunting?

This from ABC13: “The ‘7th Annual Hazzard County Squirrel Slam’ sponsored by the Holley Fire Department, lasts most of the day on Saturday, February 16. Teams of two compete to bring back the biggest squirrel, and kids as young as 12 with a junior hunting license are allowed to compete as well, which has raised concerns with some in the community.
‘I don’t even think kids that young should be holding guns,’ said Terrie Luxon when asked if kids should be allowed to participate.”_

The Humane Society wrote the fire department a letter asking them to cease and desist and other activists have started petitions online.

Luckily, the Holley Fire Department plans on going on with the squirrel hunt despite the criticism.

How far we fallen when it’s controversial for kids to spend a day squirrel hunting with their parents. For the record, New York allows 12 year olds to hunt with adult supervision and a junior license. The season runs from September through February and there’s a daily bag limit of 6.

For the life of me, I cannot see what the controversy is here.