Washington wildlife officials recently received a $6,000 check from a Montana man only known as “Roy.” The man had apparently illegally hunted deer in Washington between 1967 and 1970, and finally his conscience caught up to him.

The man was “burdened with guilt” and called the wildlife agency a few weeks back to explain what he had done so many years ago, according to the Spokesman.

This from the Digital Journal: “Capt. Richard Mann in Yakima told the man that penalties back in the late 1960s were $250; today the same offense is about $2,000.

‘But I told him the crimes are well past the statute of limitations and no charges could be filed,’ Mann said. The officer told Roy he could volunteer if he wanted to help, but being he now lived in Montana, that was not an option for him.

A few weeks later the state agency received a $6,000 check given as a donation to the agency’s enforcement division.”

“My conscience has not allowed me to put this sin to rest until now,” Roy wrote in his note. “I know that God has forgiven me and hope that WDFW will as well.”

Rest easy Roy, your debt has finally been paid.