A Colorado Springs man was left petless and heartbroken following a cougar attack last week in a gated community on the city’s southwest side.

The pet owner was walking his dachshund when a large mountain lion burst from the bushes and snatched up the dog. The cat fled just as quickly as it appeared to thick cover where it ate the dog. Parks and Wildlife agents eventually caught and euthanized the offending cat, but the dachshund attack was not an isolated incident.

“We know there are mountain lions in the area, there have been other attacks several years ago,” a resident told CBS4. “Our backyard neighbor, a mountain lion climbed a tree and jumped onto her deck and took her dog.”

Unfortunately, pets aren’t the only animals to be targeted by the area’s mountain lions. A puma chased a female jogger last year when she and a companion runner came upon a cat eating a deer. “I really thought [the cat] was going to attack me,” the female jogger said. “I had visions that I was going to get eaten.”