Bowhunting videos have come a long ways since Art Young filmed his hunts in Alaska. And The Trembling Giant, a new feature-length documentary from Danner, Kamp Grizzly, GORE-TEX, and the Rocky Mountain Elk foundation, looks to be the next step in the evolution.

Here’s Danner’s statement on the video, set to debut in the late sumer of 2013: “Taking place in Colorado’s Flat Top Wilderness, the film follows a variety of hunters and guides as they escape into the rugged mountains on horseback and foot, traversing between 9,500 and 13,000 feet of elevation in hopes of calling in a mature bull. It is the hunting trip of a lifetime, captured in conjunction with Winterhawk Outfitter, one of the most well respected traditional outfitters in the United States, and beautifully shares the connections that exist between man, animal and nature.”

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