For most of us, shooting at a running herd of elk doesn’t equate to a high-percentage shot. And, depending on the circumstances, it could be a downright unethical shot. But should it be illegal?

Grand Teton National Park is approaching this issue with a new regulation. Each year the park holds a restricted hunt to curb its elk population. Next season it will ban hunters from taking more than one shot at a herd of running elk.

The hope is that this one-shot rule will prevent hunters from wounding elk and creating unnecessary run-ins with grizzlies. Last year hunters killed a grizzly in the park out of self defense. The park will also limit hunters to no more than seven cartridges a day.

This from _”The ammunition limit mirrors restrictions on the nearby elk refuge, which also holds an annual hunt to cull the herd. Limiting hunters to a single shot at a herd of running elk will reduce the potential for ‘wounding loss,’ the park said in announcing the program.

‘It’s a way to make a hunter slow down, focus on a single animal,’ park spokeswoman Jackie Skaggs said.”_

So what do you think Newshounders? Is this a solid regulation? Or should we be allowed to make this decision in the field, individually?