Citing that hunters can’t be called “normal” because they “feel pleasure when they kill animals” and that hunting is unnecessary and immoral, MP Oleg Mikheyev of the center-left Fair Russia parliamentary party has entered a draft law for preliminary discussion that will ban hunting.

Mikheyev’s proposed law would ban hunting by anyone other than indigenous peoples in remote regions and certified rangers. In a press interview with the RT, Mikheyev pontificated, “What many people call hunting now is more of a cruel killing that has nothing in common with the ancient art of fair competition between a man and a beast.”

(Actually Mr. Mikheyev it’s a conservation tool).

MP Oleg Mikheyev does see hunting as useful in one regard however. He told daily newspaper Izvestia, “The procedure [hunting] can help us in early detection of latent madmen and murderers.”

Mikheyev’s law change would up the penalties for poaching. The act is currently considered an administrative offense in Russia. If enacted, Mikheyev’s change would make poaching punishable by up to 5 years in prison.