PETA, the organization that labeled fish “sea kittens,” publicly asked 1980’s band extraordinaire Pet Shop Boys to change their name to Rescued Shelter Boys, produced a “vegetarians have better sex” Super Bowl ad, promoted their belief that drinking cow’s milk causes autism, and called on ice cream maker Ben and Jerry’s to start using human breast milk instead of cow’s milk in its frozen desserts has announced its intention to buy some drones.

PETA states on its webpage that it will use the drones to “monitor those who are out in the woods with death on their minds.” Among the illegal activities the animal rights organization says it will be looking for are hunters drinking alcohol while hunting, utilizing bait, or breaking game laws. PETA says it will also begin using the remote-controlled aircraft to monitor factory farms, popular fishing locales and “other venues where animals routinely suffer and die.”

For a group that hates to see animals killed, they sure plan on watching a bunch of it in the future.

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk told CNN that it doesn’t have any drones yet but once one is acquired it will be used to watch for bear hunters in New Jersey illegally baiting the animals or taking mothers with cubs. Newkirk said PETA will adhere to U.S. requirements while flying drones (keeping them at least 400 feet above ground level, away from airports, etc.).

As word of PETA’s aerial reconnaissance plans spread online, many hunters have taken to the Web to say they plan on shooting down the unmanned drones. Newkirk said she’s not concerned by the threats. Rather, she welcomes the idea.

“I’d rather have them shoot something inanimate than an innocent doe,” she said. “It’s not the bedroom; it’s the great outdoors, so let’s see what they’re up to.”