The Connecticut State House of Representatives voted Thursday, 107-19, to repeal a ban on hunting on Sunday in an effort to combat the state’s overpopulated deer herd.

The bill stipulates that hunting on Sundays would be allowed with a bow and arrow on private land only and may not take place near a hiking trail. Hunters must also adhere to guidelines laid out by the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

State Representative Craig Miner, a state licensed bow hunter, said he believes the bill will pass because it doesn’t include a provision for hunting with firearms and it deals only with private land. Miner also believes that passing this legislation could improve the number of out-of-state hunters the Nutmeg State receives each year.

After passing the House on May 23, the bill heads for the Senate, which has until June 3 to take further action.

Is allowing archery-only hunting on private land really going to put a dent into the state’s deer population? If the state was serious about decreasing deer numbers why not open all deer hunting on Sundays?

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