Leave it to politicians to spoil a good old southern pastime like alligator hunting by turning it into one of the main fundraising components of a multi-million dollar campaign.

U.S. Senator David Vitter of Louisiana is offering a weekend (September 5 to 7) of Cajun cooking, airboat swamp tours and alligator hunting featuring himself as the special guest. Vitter is considering a run at governor in 2015 (and yeah, he’s the same Vitter from the 2007 prostitution scandal).

Those wishing to attend the event will have to fork over at least $5,000 per person to the Fund for Louisiana’s Future, a super PAC created to support Vitter.

Lisa Spies, a prominent GOP fundraiser, told The Washington Post that participants “will go on a real alligator hunt where all guests will receive a license . . . to hunt an alligator,” and will be lead by “professional alligator hunters.”

In September of 2011 the former Senator of Louisiana, Jeff Landry, hosted a similar event that was appropriately titled, “Landry for Louisiana Alligator Hunt.” Again, the cost was $5,000 per person.

The maximum that federal candidates can ask for is $5,000, but through super PACs candidates are allowed to accept donations of any size.

The exact figure raised from Landry’s event is unknown, but of the $2,283,073 Landry raised in 2011-2012, a whopping $1,901,453 (83 percent) came from events such as his alligator hunt, according to

Including the hunt, there were four events during that time period.