An accused elephant poacher got a lot more than he bargained for when the Zimbabwean tusker he was after crushed him to death.

Authorities say Solomon Manjoro was found – or rather what was left of him was found – by rangers in the Charara reserve, near Zimbabwe’s Lake Kariba in late April. Zimbabwe’s government controlled Sunday Mail reported that Solomon was killed by the elephant while poaching with friends Noluck Tafuruka and Godfrey Shonge. Those two men have been arrested and charged with illegal possession of firearms and various wildlife crimes.

While I find elephant poaching appalling, I find the Sunday Mail’s reporting of this incident even more so. This quote in particular: “The poacher was recently trampled to death by an elephant after he failed to gun down the jumbo during a hunting expedition.”

Poaching is not hunting. Poaching cannot occur during a hunting expedition.

Am I right?

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