Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder on Wednesday blocked efforts by animal activist groups seeking a statewide vote on a 2012 law that allows wolf hunting. The 2012 law that gives the Michigan Natural Resources Commission the power to designate species as game animals was given final authorization by the state senate on Tuesday.

Prior to this legislation, the responsibility of wolf management decisions fell on the backs of lawmakers. The MNRS plans to list wolves as a game animal for selected hunts in the Upper Peninsula areas today. The Governor is all for this.

“This action helps ensure sound scientific and biological principles guide decisions about management of game in Michigan,” Snyder said. “Scientifically managed hunts are essential to successful wildlife management and bolstering abundant, healthy and thriving populations.”

Governor Snyder also signed into a law legislation that guarantees Michiganians the right to hunt and fish and allows Michigan members of the military to get free hunting and fishing licenses.

Way to go Governor!