Mark Kayser, a contributing writer and friend of the magazine, was recently named the national spokesman for the Hope for the Warriors Outdoor Adventures Program, a non-profit organization that assists post 9/11 service members who have been wounded and the families of fallen service members.

“Service members mean everything for the security of our country and the veterans of our recent wars deserve all the help we can give them when they return from deployment,” says Kayser. “The outdoors and particularly hunting is everything to my family, and that’s why I believe the Outdoor Adventures program of the Hope For The Warriors is so important.”

Kayser recently took wounded Marine Chris Ayres and his wife Renee’ hunting near Devil’s Tower, Wyoming where Renee took her first Merriam’s.

So take a moment this weekend to remember the service men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice while defending our country and check out what Mark is working on here.