So you’re on the Columbia River in Oregon on a beautiful afternoon in June. The sun is reflecting off the water as you kick back with your fishing buddy. All of a sudden, your rod goes overboard. You watch as it sinks toward the bottom of the river … Do you stand by and let it go, or do you dive in and try to retrieve it?

Unfortunately John Eugene Deranleau, 60, of Portland, OR chose the latter and paid for it with his life.

With no life vest on, Deranleau jumped into the cold Columbia River in an attempt to salvage his rod. His partner reportedly saw Deranleau struggle, but could not get to him in time.

“By the time he got [the boat] maneuvered around, he already had problems in the water. He was face down in the water at that point the fisherman was able to get him back to the boat but not onto the boat,” Lt. Steve Alexander of the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office told KGW.

It was not until another fisherman came by that Deranleau was finally recovered from the water.

Paramedics performed CPR on Deranleau for an extended period of time near the boat ramps at Chinook Landing Marine Park, KGW reported. He was declared dead at the hospital.