A plus 700-pound bluefin tuna caught off Boynton Beach earlier this week could get the anglers who caught it “canned.”

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA Fisheries spokeswoman Kim Amendola confirmed that the fish has been confiscated by law enforcement and that her agency is investigating the fishy business surrounding the tuna in cooperation with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

The problem stems from the fact that bluefin are subject to strict federal and state regulations. Permits are required to land and sell the fish, none of which the four unidentified men possessed. Not only did they not have the correct licenses, but they apparently bragged about catching and attempting to sell the fish on Facebook and on fishing forums (The NSA is listening and reading folks!).

Day Boat Seafood owner Scott Taylor told the Miami Herald that he became suspicious of the fish when his company was approached last week with an offer.

“With the buzz around the fish and the stories about how the fish was caught and handled, we became concerned,” Taylor said Saturday. “We were contacted by the [NOAA] office of law enforcement, and we were fully cooperative with them.”