It was the type of nightmare born from far too many viewings of “Jaws.” Except this happened while the anglers were wide-awake.

A group of fishermen were 30 miles southeast of Atlantic City on Sunday when they encountered a great white shark. The men watched for 10 horrific/fascinating minutes as the estimated 14-foot most-feared maneater circled their boat.

The shark was about half the size of the 28-foot boat that the men undoubtedly held tight to.

The shark simply circled the boat, as if just checking it out, all but ignoring the men’s baited hooks still hanging in the water. It did bite the boat a few times, however, leaving teeth marks in the process.

One of the men, Rob Pompilio, told NBC10 in Philadelphia that the experience was unlike anything he’d witnessed before.

Click here to see a clip of the shark. (Warning: video contains explicit language.) Could you have remained calm during this interaction?

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