Redneck Reality TV Crushes Celeb Reality TV in Ratings

The numbers are in: Americans love rednecks.

A recent article on brings to light just how popular redneck reality shows have become.

A&E’s “Duck Dynasty,” a show about long-bearded, redneck gazillionaires who eat frogs and ducks and catch squirrels barehanded, delivered 9.6 million viewers for its recent Season 3 finale and averaged 8.4 million viewers through the season. History Channel’s “Swamp People,” a show about swamp-dwelling, gator-hunting, far-from-gazillionaire Cajuns averages 4.5 million per show. Other redneck shows like “Moonshiners,” “Redneck Island,” “Lady Hoggers,” “Rocket City Rednecks,” “My Big Redneck Wedding,” and “Backyard Oil” are also tearing up the Nielsen ratings.

Shows about the well-to-do such as the “Real Houswives of…” franchise and “Shahs of Sunset” aren’t doing nearly as well. “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” for example, averages around 2.6 million viewers per show.

So why are Rednecks doing so well?

VP of Business & Culture at the Media Research Institute Dan Gainor told “Americans enjoy these shows for good reasons. Hollywood wants us to laugh at rural people. They set these shows up to depict them as God-fearing, gun-loving idiots. But viewers see something different. They see the heart, the humanity and the humor. Not everyone lives in New York or Los Angeles.”

Or maybe people just enjoy watching shows that take place in the outdoors or watching people hunt and fish.

Who knows?

I don’t as I’ve never seen any of the aforementioned shows.

Do you watch these redneck treasures? And if so, why?

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