Last week North Carolina State University graduate student Joshua Katz posted a series of maps depicting where a list of 122 words as used by region. Katz’s map set the Internet on fire garnering 17 million views in the first 24 hours! That got us thinking about all the different ways sportsmen have of describing the same thing. Even though Yankees, Southerners, East Coasters, and West Coasters all have the same passion for the outdoors, we can’t seem to agree on how to describe that passion. So, take our survey and see how your sportsman vernacular from matches up with the rest of our readers.


A small fish typically used for bait.

* Minnow
* Minn-ahs
* Minners

America’s most popular big game animal.

* Whitetail deer
* White-tailed deer

The stick you attach your fishing reel to.

* Fishing rod
* Fishing pole

A whiskered fish with a head that appears as though someone took a spade to.

* Flathead
* Shovelhead
* Mississippi cat

A type of panfish that comes in black and white varieties.

* Crop-ee
* Crap-ee
* Calico bass

A small fish often targeted by kids.

* Sunfish
* Bream

A colorful saltwater fish with a movie screen flat head.

* Dolphin
* Dorado
* Mahi-mahi

A very, very large knife used for clearing brush or defending the Alamo.

* B-O-wie
* Boo-wie

One of the most popular big-game rifle calibers.

* 30 Ought 6
* 30 "0h" 6

A tiny freshwater lobster-like crustacean.

* Crawfish
* Crayfish
* Crawdad
* Crawdaddy
* Mud bug

It’s one of the most successful predators in North America and loves to eat Suburban-dwelling pets.

* Coyot-ee
* Kai-yote
* Song dog

Arguably the most popular freshwater fish in the US – and Japan?

* Largemouth
* Bigmouth
* Green fish
* Bucketmouth

An adult, male turkey.

* Gobbler
* Tom
* Longbeard