While many of us may cringe whenever large, clumsy cicadas stick to our clothing or bump into our face, Central Pennsylvania trout are loving the continued emergence of Brood II 17-year cicadas.

When these insects fall into the water, hungry trout dart to the surface to gobble them up.

This has some local fly anglers getting a little creative at the tying vise. Cicada imitations are now being used in many trout streams around the region.

Although the emergence of cicadas has been spotty, there are quite a few droning hordes that coincide nicely with fly-fishing-only trout water, The Patriot-News reports.

One of those spots is Clarks Creek in northern Dauphin County.

“It’s a chance to tie and fish a novelty pattern that we only get to use every so often, when the cicadas show themselves,” said a man who asks not to be identified.

If you’re not much of a fly angler, you could try these other cicada baits. And you can always get into the cicada spirit by making a delectable cicada pizza. Bon Appetit.