A coyote attack in Orange County, California last Thursday left 2-year-old Klarissa Barrera with a 2.5-inch gash on her calf. The Long Beach native was with her mother visiting the grave of a realative at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Cypress when the attack occurred. Klarissa also received a rabies shot as a precaution.

California Fish and Wildlife personnel said the attack occurred in broad daylight around 4 p.m. Warden Mark Michilizzi said the girl’s mother saved her from further injury when she pulled Klarissa from the coyote’s jaws. F&W personnel shot and killed three coyotes after hearing from others at the cemetery that coyotes in the area had been acting without fear of humans. Michilizzi assured the public that instances such as this are far and few between.

“(Attacks) are rare given the interactions, or I should say, intersections of coyotes and people in California,” he told Press-Telegram.

Insert joke about Californians loving their wildlife to the point of danger to humans here.