Five men have been rescued from the rainforest of northern Sumatra, Indonesia after enduring one of the most incredible stories of survival ever heard.

The Sun newspaper is reporting that the men’s ordeal began when they, along with a sixth man, entered Mount Leuser National Park in search of agarwood, which is used to make incense and perfume. They reportedly set a trap for deer but accidentally captured a tiger cub instead, according to The Sun. A pack of seven adult tigers came to the cries of the captured cub.

The men scrambled up a nearby tree in an effort to escape the tigers’ wrath. The unidentified 28-year-old sixth man managed to get up in the tree as well but his branch gave way and he fell to the ground. The remaining five could do nothing but watch as the tigers killed the man. The five survivors began sending text message rescue requests immediately. But, given the remoteness of the area, help didn’t arrive for almost a full week. Rescuers finally reached the men on Monday to find that four tigers were still watching the ever-weakening men in the tree.

Police First Lt Surya Purba told reporter Felix Allen, “I received a report from rescuers that they have just evacuated the men after tamers managed to drive away the tigers. They [the men] are all in weak condition.”

Purba added that the men survived their treetop ordeal by drinking rainwater and little else.

This story is incredibly interesting given that tigers normally do not hunt or travel in groups. Also, the cats in question were Sumatran tigers, the rarest subspecies of tiger with only an estimated 400 left in the wild. A wild story no doubt, but do you think it’s all true? Comment below.