If you find yourself in New York City this week–and with temperatures forecasted to reach the mid 90s with plenty of humidity, who wouldn’t want to be here–swing by the Crumpler store in SoHo with a case of beer and you might walk out with a sweet new bag.

If you’re not familiar with the brand, Crumpler is an Australian company that makes everything from backpacks and messenger bags to wheeled luggage and camera bags. This summer, our editors have been toting their camera gear in the new Kashgar Outpost (pictured) on fishing trips from the Jersey Shore to Old Mexico. It’s proven to be up to every task so far.

For the past several years, Crumpler has held its “Beer for Bags” promotion in which suds serve as currency. Check out the various permissible trades here. Everyone who trades in beer for a bag will get an invite to a party on Sunday night where the collected brews will be served. Ah, the circle of life.