The Eureka Board of Aldermen in St. Louis, Mo. is considering a proposal to allow deer hunting at Six Flags.

Yes. Six Flags the amusement park.

“We see deer around and sometimes in the property before all the employees arrive and the guests arrive. They tend to stay off the general area when we have guests in the park,” Ron McKenzie, Six Flags Director of Marketing, explained to CBS Local. “Just as they do in the front yards and the backyards of our homes, they’re looking for food so they go to where they think the most abundant food supply is going to be.”

What are they looking for food wise? Stale popcorn? Overpriced soft drinks?

The proposed plan would allow full-time Six Flags employees to bowhunt the land surrounding the park. Nine people have applied for the hunting licenses.

“Hunting is part of the culture of Missouri and a lot of our employees are lifelong Missourians who have enjoyed that their entire life and that’s why we’re allowing them to do that,” McKenzie said.

Do you agree with this plan? What do you think deer that eat nothing but Six Flags food will taste like? Comment below!