New Mexico Game & Fish officials are searching for the man who tampered with a bear trap that was meant for an aggressive black bear. The trap was set in the Sandia Heights neighborhood of Albuquerque following a bear break in. Game & Fish spokesperson Rachel Shockely explained the incident to KRQE: “A bear broke into a home and it did attack a man and bit him on the hand.”

Because the bear attacked the man it needs to be caught, tested for rabies, and then destroyed, officials said.

Of course, none of that can happen if the bear isn’t caught … and the bear can’t be caught if someone keeps tampering with the traps.

Shockely said an unidentified man was captured on video closing the bear trap on Friday evening.

“The next night, we were able to catch someone tampering with the trap on video. Looks like they were spreading a substance on the ground that was meant to deter the bear and keep it away,” she said.

Tampering with state-set traps is illegal. It is also preventing the man who was attacked by the bear from getting the proper medical treatment because the bear can’t be tested for diseases until it is caught.

Shockley further stated, “This person might have good intentions, but in reality, they’re putting a lot of their neighbors at risk.”

Anyone with information about who is behind the trap tampering has been asked to call the Albuquerque Office at 505-222-4700.