In what is one of its most offensive moves to date, the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals says that it intends to erect a billboard depicting a bloody-antlered elk above a message that says: “Payback is hell. Leave animals alone.”

This proclamation and image is, of course, in reference to the near death of elk hunter Bradley Greenwood. Greenwood was injured on September 7 when he attempted to roll over an elk he had just killed in the Davenport Draw area of Diamond Mountain, east of Vernal, Utah. In doing so the elk’s antlers pierced his neck. Greenwood managed to call 911 and was rescued a short time later. The medics who made first contact with Greenwood are credited with saving his life by placing a tube in his trachea that allowed him to breath until he could reach the hospital for surgery.

PETA plans to place the billboard somewhere in the Vernal area. The group states on its Webpage that the billboard plans to bring “attention to the fact that hunting draws blood on both sides.”

Greenwood told his feelings to The Salt Lake Tribune in a Monday interview. “I’m about as ethical a hunter there is,” he said. “There is a difference between hunting and the mistreatment of animals.”

This will mark the second time PETA has used the “Payback is hell” slogan. The hate group first used the slogan in an ad in response to a Florida fisherman whose leg was nearly severed by a shark in 2011.