What’s going on? Is Mother Nature PO’ed or what?

The past week or so has seen animal attack after animal attack. Here’s a rundown of the latest.

On Sept. 4, a man was attacked by a black bear while walking his dogs in a Larkspur, Colo. neighborhood. The Colorado Division of Wildlife reports that the man was attacked suddenly and without warning. He suffered injuries to one arm when the bear bit him and to his other arm while defending himself. The bear retreated at the man’s lashing out.

Colorado Division of Wildlife employee Jennifer Churchill said the man did nothing to provoke the attack. “I don’t think this gentleman did anything wrong at all,” Churchill said. “I think that he was just walking his dogs and got attacked by a wild animal. I don’t think there is anything he could’ve done differently.”

The victim was treated and released from medical care that evening.

On Sept. 5, former police officer Daulet Tuyeshiev of Zhetybai, Kazakhstan was attacked by a wolf while inspecting his car. The wolf jumped Tuyeshiev from behind. The two struggled and Tuyeshiev strangled the animal dead with his bare hands.

Yes. You read that right. Tuyeshiev killed the wolf with his bare hands.

Another real man took on nature’s wrath on Sept. 6 when 50-year-old Jerry Lacerte was attacked by a grizzly with three cubs near Bella Coola, B.C. Lacerte survived the attack by clocking the momma bear straight on. “I punched her right square in the nose,” he said. “I gave it all I had to get away.”

On Sept. 7, a border agent employed by Canada Customs in Churchill was attacked by a polar bear around after 2 a.m. while walking home. The bear tore the unidentified man’s shirt and bit him in the back. The man escaped attack by frightening the bear with the light from his cellphone. Apparently the sudden illumination was enough to startle the bear, giving the man enough time to run for help.

And finally, on Sept. 8, a man killed the cougar that attacked his 60-year-old girlfriend with a homemade spear. The attack occurred while the two were gardening. The cat was mauling the woman when the man came forth to stab the big cat several times with his spear.

Who keeps a spear with them while gardening?

What’s going on here folks? Has wildlife just had enough of us?

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