I think we should probably file this video under the “don’t try this at home,” category.

Mike Durand had the perfect reaction when he first noticed the 9-foot great white shark swimming beneath his paddleboard. He said, “Holy s**t!”

Durand was actually looking for sharks when he entered the waters off Manhattan Beach in southern California Wednesday. He told Mail Online that he paddled out to sea to get a close up view of a small shark he saw from the beach. After that shark left, the great white appeared. Mr. Durand’s vocal reaction was captured on the GoPro camera he used to film the encounter. Durand says, “He’s checking me out. He’s swimming around me. Hopefully he’s not coming to get me.”

The shark circled Durand’s board for about a minute before disappearing.

Durand exclaims “Gnarly,” after the encounter.

How would you react to a great white beneath your paddleboard?

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