In August, we told you how Deer Trail, Colorado plans to put to a vote next month on whether the town can offer a $100 bounty to hunters that take down an aerial drone. Now comes word that the state of Colorado is moving to ban drones from being used for hunting purposes.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission will begin discussions Thursday in Lamar on whether hunters should be banned from using drones to spot game. Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman Randy Hampton told the Denver Channel about the idea behind the ban.

“There is a ton of technology available to people that would make it very, very easy for people to hunt,” Hampton said. “We try to hold the line to make sure that hunting is done in an ethical manner.”

Part of Thursday’s discussion will undoubtedly deal with the Airborne Hunting Act. This federal law prohibits individuals from hunting for at least 48 hours after they fly over an area. Does this law apply to drones though? Mr. Hampton said despite the law being enacted in 1971, long before the use of drones, it probably does.

“It was not something that most people were engaged in [the use of aerial drones] and it wasn’t needed in a regulatory model,” Hampton said. “Because it has become more prevalent we want to make sure people understand it is still outside the bounds of what is allowed.”

The law banning the use of drones to spot game is expected to pass. If so, it would go into effect August 2014.

Is using a drone any different that utilizing a game camera or a live video feed? Should drones be banned from being used to spot game? Comment below!