It’s a record Florida can actually be proud of!

The state of Florida is on the cusp of breaking a record that has stood for 30 years. If no one is killed by an alligator in the Sunshine State for the rest of the year, Florida will have gone five years without an alligator fatality, according to ABC Action News.

The last person to succumb to an alligator attack did so in 2007. Three people were killed by alligators in just one week the year prior, 2006.

This record doesn’t mean that alligators haven’t been attacking humans though. They have. It’s just that none of these attacks have led to a fatality.

Andrew Hudson can attest to this fact. He was attacked by an estimated 10-foot swamp lizard while swimming in Seminole County in July. He told ABC Action News about the attack. “He comes up right behind me and, I felt like just a big tackle, like a thud right around my head, and it just took me under so I started swinging a little bit,” Hudson said.

“I knew it was a big gator. I felt him, like his whole body. I can’t get that out of my head you know. It’s crazy.”

Fortunately Hudson’s head was able to get out of the alligator’s.

Vernon Yates, owner of Wildlife Rescue and Rehab in Seminole, said the decrease in fatal attacks stems from the fact that Floridians are now more alligator aware.

Good idea people. Avoid alligators.