The news this month has been ripe with outdoorsmen helping animals in need.

In early November, two Alaskan fishermen helped a stranded orca leave a rock bed to return to its pod in deeper water.

Last week, two Newfoundlanders saved an 8-foot Greenland shark that was choking on a huge chunk of dead moose.

Now comes video of some hunters rescuing a dog caught in the ice.

Not much is known about the video or the circumstances surrounding it other than it was posted online by Gwennavere on November 25. The rescue appears to show two men brave the ice to free a dog stuck in a partially frozen body of water. One man falls into the water during the rescue. The dog is eventually pulled free and we hear how poor of condition the dog is in from one of the men who comments that the animal can barely move.

Regardless of where this took place, two things are certain: The men who freed the dog were true hunters in that they cared about animals and that things could have gone very, very bad very quickly.