From the country that gave us Nintendo, Pokemon, sushi, and wasabi Kit Kat’s, comes a TV show where a woman ties a piece of meat around her waist and runs from a hungry and surprisingly fast Komodo dragon.

Japanese adventurer and TV personality Ayako Imoto performed the stunt for her wildly popular series of wildlife segments that air on Japanese TV. Past segments have seen her wrestle angry alligators and race lightning-fast cheetahs. For this episode, Imoto donned a traditional Japanese kimono and tied a piece of raw meat to her waist. She bolted once the giant lizard got close to striking distance of the meat. Imoto performed this same stunt a few years back.

Despite their odd gait and massive size, Komodo dragons are capable of reaching speeds of upwards of 15 miles per hour. From the video, I gather that Imoto can run at least 16 miles per hour.