When we’re working on a big story, we typically like to play our hand pretty close to the vest in order to preserve that element of surprise when you open a new issue of Outdoor Life. But we’ve decide to tip our hand a bit and let you know that for April we’re putting together a huge “how-to” package that will be full of essential outdoor skills, fun D-I-Y projects, and innovative ways to repurpose gear and save money.

The reason we’re giving you the heads-up is because we want you to contribute to the piece. Do you have a favorite and foolproof way to spool a fishing reel in less than a minute? Maybe an outside-the-box method for skinning a deer? Or a clever tip on how to save cash when planning a hunting or fishing trip? Well, we want to hear about it. Email us your skills, projects, tips, tricks, and hacks to, and we’ll run the best ones in the April issue.