Evidence of why the Cape buffalo is considered the most dangerous of the Big Five became easily apparent to visitors of South Africa’s Kruger National Park when they witnessed a lion being tossed about like a ragdoll by an enraged buff.

According to a description of the video posted on YouTube by Barcoft TV, park goers watched for 45 minutes as two young lions stalked to within striking distance of a buff. Park goers assumed the buff was a goner once one of the cats pounced on it and dragged it to the ground.

“It looked like it was game over, he [the buffalo] really looked finished,” witness and videographer Oliver Matheson told the Daily Mail. “Then we saw two of the original herd coming back to investigate and we didn’t really know what to expect.”

What happened next was the lion literally got the horn of the bull as the buffalo tossed the young lion repeatedly. Some estimate that the lion was thrown as high as 16 feet.

Amazingly, all animals left the scene unscathed.

Given the incredible content Mateson caught on film, it’s no wonder this video has been watched more than 6 millions of times the world over.