Should you stop hunting when you reach a certain age? North Carolina hunter Katie Watson hasn’t even considered the question. The feisty 98-year-old says hunting is in her blood and refuses to let old age keep her out of the woods.

You can’t ignore Watson’s passion for hunting, which is evident in this video clip from WBTV. The news crew shows off her trophy walls and films her pegging a soda bottle with her shotgun in the backyard. Watson shot her first rabbit at the age of 10 while hunting with her brother and has been hooked ever since.

As of last season Watson had tagged 44 deer, and that’s just since she turned 80. Watson took her most recent deer Friday and she’s as excited as ever. In addition to whitetail Watson has pursued quail and turkey, and she’s got quite a few feathers hanging over her fireplace.

“I’m going to be shooting a gun until the day I die, if I’m able,” Watson told WBTV.