There’s a cougar prowling Arizona’s Peaks Senior Living Community and it isn’t the kind the gentlemen of the community have been saving up all their medication for in hopes of meeting.

Early on the morning of Dec. 27 Roman Lewicky, a resident of the nearby community of Coyote Springs, took his German shepherd for a walk. An abundance of cackling crows in the woods spooked the dog so Lewicky took his pet back inside. He told his wife Puka that he was going skiing instead and suggested she investigate what had the crows in such a tizzy.

What a husband! “Hey honey, there’s something outside that’s scaring the bejesus out of our German shepherd. Why don’t you go check it out.”

Mrs. Lewicky found a fresh mountain lion deer kill. The kill was so fresh that she could see freshly eaten grass in the animal’s intestines.

“That morning was 17 degrees and nothing was frozen,” she told the Arizona Daily Sun. “This kill didn’t happen in the middle of the night.”

She returned home to call neighbors about her discovery, and quickly found that many of her neighbors had seen similar kills and that one had actually seen a lion twice. So she called the Arizona Game and Fish only to be told that most personnel were on vacation so no one from the agency could visit her neighborhood to investigate. Not willing to give up so easily, Mrs. Lewicky called a friend of hers who just so happens to be a lion expert. He came to the house and during his investigation discovered that a lion had walked around her property, including a visit through her garage.

A game official finally came to the Lewicky household after the holidays. The officer investigated the area and said he would return if the animal was spotted again.

The officer, along with noted experts, suggest that residents keep their children and pets inside for the time being.

My suggestion: To the guys over at Peaks Senior Living Community, keep hoarding your meds. That day will come, my friends. That day will come.