Deer-related vehicle crashes are relatively common, but they’re not often captured on camera. This YouTube video of a snowmobile trek in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula shows footage of a young deer barreling out of the woods and smacking into a snowmobiler’s windshield.

Kalamazoo resident Dave Osborn set out Saturday for some nighttime snowmobiling near the town of Amasa, Mich., according to Osborn, 43, films his ride with a GoPro camera attached to his helmet, cruising behind another snowmobile for most of the video. But at the 50-second mark, a yearling darts out of the woods to his left and crashes into the front of his vehicle. Osborn shouts and veers off the road as the deer scrambles in the snow.

“I’ve seen the video 20 times, and every time I jump,” Osborn told the website. “It’s abrupt.” The deer reportedly rose and bounded away through the trees. Even though the deer “clobbered” his windshield, Osborn said the damage was only cosmetic. Osborn estimates he was traveling 20 mph at the time of the collision.