Rising medical costs, long waits in the emergency room, Obamacare glitches…

Ha! Those medical care problems might sound bad, but they’re not nearly as bad as a leopard.

Authorities closed schools in Meerut, India Sunday after a leopard was spotted (Oh, that’s a bad pun) wandering city streets. The animal roamed through a hospital – where it mauled a photographer sent to cover the scene – a market, apartment complex, and a cinema as authorities tried to catch the big cat.

“Despite our best efforts, we have been unable to track the leopard down,” explains the additional district magistrate SK Dubey. “We have launched a massive hunt for the beast.”

Police thought they had the animal when they hit it with a tranquilizer dart inside of an army hospital. Unfortunately, the dart didn’t slow the leopard and it managed to escape through an iron grating. The leopard remains on the loose as of the time of this writing.

Big cats are becoming a big problem in urban India as habitat loss and human encroachment continue to shrink habitat. The closing of hunting in the 1970’s probably hasn’t helped matters either.