A woman walking down the street in Smithers, B.C. was caught by surprise last week when a cow moose sucker punched her from behind.

This short video shows the moose standing near a house along King Street while a woman walks past. She either doesn’t see the moose or is completely unfazed since they’re common in the area. But seconds later, the cow flattens its ears and follows her into the road. The moose speeds up and the woman turns around just in time to get kicked in the head.

A local woman captured the quick assault on video and posted it to Facebook. Laryne Gamble said her sister-in-law had never seen a moose before so she pulled over to record footage of the animal and caught this instead. The video cuts out just after the moose attacks and Gamble said she stopped recording to see if the woman was hurt.

The woman suffered minor injuries and didn’t need medical attention, according to Metro News. Locals have spotted the cow around town on multiple occasions and biologists suspect it’s pregnant. Wildlife officials say the cow is not typically aggressive and probably acted in defense.

“Our take on it is the moose was just feeling cornered at that point, and kind of surrounded by people and buildings and cars and stuff, and just wanted to get out of there, and just chose the path that happened to be overtop of the pedestrian,” conservation officer Flint Knibbs told Metro News.

Apart from monitoring the moose, officials don’t plan to take any other action.