Alaska has become the latest entity to ban drone assisted hunting.

The Alaska Board of Game reached the decision at its March 14-18 meeting in Anchorage.

This decision likely began taking shape in February when troopers brought up an incident where a hunter utilized a drone to spot then kill a moose in late 2012. Not much more is known of that instance. Alaska Wildlife Troopers Capt. Bernard Chastain said the hunt was reported by state Department of Fish and Game staff, and troopers did not follow up because what the hunter did was legal at the time.

“Under hunting regulations, unless it specifically says that it’s illegal, you’re allowed to do it,” he told Anchorage Daily News. “What happens a lot of times is technology gets way ahead of regulations, and the hunting regulations don’t get a chance to catch up for quite a while.”

After hearing from troopers concerning the incident, the Board of Game voted unanimously to ban the use of remote controlled airborne cameras. The rule will be sent to Department of Law for review and is expected to become law on July 1.

The use of drones is prohibited in Idaho and Wisconsin. New Mexico, Vermont and Wyoming are considering such a ban.

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