They don’t get much bigger than this!

A group of Forida anglers calling themselves “Landshark Fishing,” recently caught this goliath hammerhead on the Atlantic side of the Florida peninsula. The brute measured 14 feet in length (for comparison, a 2015 Suburban is a little over 18 feet) and weighed more than 700 pounds.

Viktor Hluben battled the shark with a custom rod and 14-0 Penn Senator big-game reel affixed with a circle hook for almost an hour before the group was able to tail-rope the fish and bring it to shore. The hammerhead was released unharmed after pictures and video were taken.
According to their Facebook page, Landshark Fishing, specializes in nighttime fishing for large sharks. The full video has a warning at the beginning, which states: “Do not try this at home! … We do not condone or support the killing of any shark species. We are a group of big-game anglers with unconventional methods and conservation at the heart of our practice”

Looks like group takes catch and release pretty seriously.