This short video was recorded off the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica during a fishing trip organized by Crocodile Bay Resort back in January. Captain Geovanny Leal was recording GoPro footage of a jumping sailfish when it changed direction and headed straight for his boat.

The sailfish tail-walks too close to the boat and flips sideways over the stern. Two anglers standing nearby immediately throw themselves overboard to avoid the huge fish thrashing around the deck. They weren’t taking any chances with a billfish in such close quarters. Everything happens in less than 20 seconds, so be sure to check out the slow motion replay. The video cuts out quickly and we know the sailfish was released safely back into the ocean, so we’re guessing the captain managed to sort things out.

The strangest part of this story might be that a second sailfish hopped aboard a Crocodile Bay Resort vessel that same day. It’s unclear if the same rogue fish was involved or if another crew experienced their own freak phenomenon. Prior to the double-whammy on Jan. 28, the resort reported only one other instance of a sailfish leaping into a boat during its 15 years of operation.